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About Us

The Little Ark launched in 2021 with the aim of sourcing both quality and sustainable products for babies and children. 

Being parents of two beautiful children, we found our home was slowly being taken over by plastic toys. Given the current environmental crisis, and our genuine interest in sustainability and eco-friendly ways of living, Little Ark was born to provide like minded parents / care-givers the option of purchasing sustainable products for their children.

Why are we called The Little Ark?

Our eldest child is called Noah, so Ark was an immediate element to our name. Little is due to the business being in the baby / children's market. However, it is so much more than just these two factors.

The main reason for being called Little Ark is due to the story of Noah's Ark being about the preservation of all of the world's creatures in the time of an environmental crisis. The Ark braved the storm and came out the other side, ensuring the continuation of all the creatures. We see ourselves as helping with the future of our world, and most importantly protecting it for our children and grandchildren, by encouraging the transition from damaging plastic toys to sustainable toys which can last a generation or more. 

We will be constantly working to bring the newest sustainable products to our business, so new lines will be added regularly.